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Talking about the SKX divers…

I would like to add that this SKX401 is one of the rarest among the SKX divers. It is different from the SKX009 in that it has rectangular framed markers. Till now, the market for which it was produced remains unknown. Here’s a picture I managed to dig out from my harddisk drive:


Some divers I used to collect

Here is another picture that I have never posted before. It was taken way back in 2003. Did I mention I used to collect 7S26 divers? Well, here are some 7S26 divers in my collection at that time. (The only exception is the Seiko5 40th Anniversary Diver which has 7S36 movement) I no longer have these divers but it is interesting to look at the old pictures. I will try to post more of them as I go along.


Please click on the thumb for a larger image.




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