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On taking watch pictures

As a WIS, my watch pictures usually fall into two categories. 
The first category are the ones that are taken for the purpose of posting on watch discussion forums, usually as ‘happy day’ or ‘what’s on you wrist’ posts. For such purpose, I usually spare the extra efforts to take good pictures. I would take many shots with different camera settings and select the best one.  
The second category are those that are taken for the purpose of putting the watch for sale on sales forums. I find that I am not that motivated to take good pictures of watches I am selling compared to those I am keeping. Afterall, they don’t belong to me anymore once they are sold.
Here’s the best pic I have ever posted in my FS ads. This one was taken without much effort put in but it turned out unexpectedly well.     
 Click on the image to enlarge.


One response to “On taking watch pictures

  1. Kelvin 26/07/2005 at 4:12 pm

    Cool report on the GS launch in Singapore. Am looking forward to visit the branch. You have a cool blog too!

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