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The ALBA 200m Diver – AL4005X

I collect mainly Seiko watches and I also have a piece of Credor in my collection. Credor is also made by Seiko and is positioned as a high-end brand. On the low end side, Seiko has another brand known as ALBA.

Recently, they released a series of 200m divers under their ALBA brand, using the 7S26 movement. There are four different dials to this series namely white, blue, black and the one below which is made up of many little Stingrays. This diver is also known as the "ALBA Stingray" because of this particular dial.     

In the past, ALBA’s watches were mostly quartz. Recently, they started to have automatic watches and this watch is among the first few I have seen. I picked up one as I thought it would be interesting to collect one of ALBA’s first autos.

Quality wise, it appears to be on the same level as the Seiko 200m divers. It has screw down crown and same bezel action as its Seiko cousins. In additon, both its crown and bezel are knurled just like the Samurai. Overall, it looks and feels like a Seiko watch to me. 


Click to enlarge.


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