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At last a Seiko 5 Sports that I like.

Seiko releases Sports 5’s with 100m W.R. regularly and I have always wanted to get one. However, all their previous models didn’t do anything for me because they were either too small (SNK031 range) or had fanciful bezels (SNZ447 range) or odd lugs (SNZB21 range). Most of them had skinny hour and minute hands. 

Finally, this SNZD29K is something that I really like. This watch is 40mm in diameter excluding the crown. It has thick lugs that are flat and slope downward like those of the Samurai. The case is round but you can see four squarish corners on top, near the 10, 20, 40 and 50 markers on the bezel. Again, it is similar to the Samurai except they are not as squarish and therefore not readily noticeable. 

It has a thick Tag style bezel that rotates anti-clockwise. I am not a Tag Heuer fan but I think the Tag style bezel is nicer than some of Seiko’s fanciful designs.

The dial at one glance looks like the usual Seiko 5 dial, but wait a minute, it actually came with a minute chapter ring. The previous models that I mentioned earlier did not come with minute chapter ring and their minute markings were printed right on their dials.

Lastly, I love the orange dial and the beefy hour and minute hands.


Cick for a larger image.


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