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GS photo competition

Took part in a GS photo competition organized by Seiko Taiwan recently. I am subscribed to their mailing list and came to know about the event from one of the emails.
The picture below is my entry to the competition. It wasn’t created specially for the competition. I selected it from my previous photos and simply resized it to meet their specification.
My photo was lucky to be selected as one of their 10 best entries and the prize is a GS photo frame and key chain. The organizer has contacted me and I believe the package is on it way to me.
BTW, the first prize is a Grand Seiko worth NT$49000 (about USD1460). I believe it’s a quartz version.

Click on the thumb for a larger image.


One response to “GS photo competition

  1. Gilbert 26/11/2005 at 5:04 pm

    Congratulations Yeoman! I\’ve been lurking you weblog for some time and like it a lot. I like your taste in watches and the pictures you make of them.I\’ve seen your excellent picture before in threads on SCWF and on Higuchi\’s forum, I believe. What I like about your picture is the lighting ofcourse and the angle. It\’s definitely not a \’product photo\’ angle, but this way you really get an idea how the watch really is in real life. The photo captures all the fine dial and case details. I\’ve never been close to any GS but your photo make it a little accessible. It\’s so real. Please post pictures of your prize! Gilbert

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