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Some kind folks shared their class stuff with me

Ok, some kind folks from different parts of the world shared some of their classic stuff including watches, lighters, knives and jacket. First, the watches:
T.Wong’s Seiko watches and he said "more classic for me. The Seiko 173, Seiko Military Chrono Titanium, and a brown Breitling on the basic military Seiko…

Seamaster73 says: "Agreed, Leather makes a huge difference to the 007 too"

And here’s is Botto’s picture – Classic Omega Speedmaster and Converse shoes.

And finally pocket knives, lighter and jacket from Cobrajet, a collector of vintage Seiko’s:

Cobrajet said: "Some things are just timeless… The Victorinox is new, but certainly a classic design. The Zippo was made in the late 1940s, but you can pretty much buy the same one today. And the flight jacket is about ten years old, but it could easily be fifty…they have changed little since their introduction in the 1930s. I love the classics…in watches and everything else."

I said: "Ahh yes, I would collect Zippo lighters if I smoke. Timeless design."

Cobra’s reply: "Hey, I don’t smoke…but I carry a Zippo everywhere. Guess I am just kind of a Boy Scout…"Be Prepared"! Whether for warmth, light, flame, or to light the cigarette of the pretty blonde that’s showing me seven glorious inches of cleavage, you might be surprised how handy Zippos are for the non-smoker! Don’t leave home without it."

Very cool reply, dude.


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