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Lady wearing men’s watch

I went to the office on Saturday morning to do some work. I was wearing my Nike Air Classic shoes, a pair of Nike shorts, a classic Yonex badminton shirt and a pair of Adidas sunglasses hanging on my neck. On my wrist of course is the Seiko MarineMaster (been wearing it since Friday).

While in the lift, I saw this charming lady who works in the bank. Her office is on the same floor as mine. As our offices are located on a relatively high floor, we soon became the last two person left in the lift. There was complete silence and i could feel a mild sense of uneasiness. From her body language, I knew she felt the same way. I think it’s some kind of chemistry between us or maybe it was my hairy legs.

Just then, I noticed she was actually wearing a IWC big pilot watch on her tiny wrist. I took a closer look and confirmed that this lady was wearing a men’s watch that measures 46mm in diameter and is worth a couple of thousand dollars. 

Here’s a picture of the watch I found on the Internet:


Ok, I swear I wasn’t trying to get to know her but as a watch lover or watch idiot savant (WIS as they call it), I could not help but commented that her watch was big. I’m sure any watch lover would do the same when left alone with someone wearing a unique watch. Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: That’s a big watch you are wearing.
She: yeah… (smile)
Me: Is it a IWC?
She: Yes…. what about you?
Me: Seiko MarineMaster.

She doesn’t know the MarineMaster but can’t blame her. Can’t expect a lady to know about high end Seiko’s that are not even sold in Singapore.

She: Is it an automatic?
Me: Yes it is. 

Ok, at least she differentiates between automatics and other movement types. Semi-WIS!

She: Is it a diving watch?
Me: Yes…. 

At this point the lift opened and we walked out in the same direction. Her office is just one door away from mine.

She: So do you dive? that a direct or indirect question? ‘Dive’ has a lot of meanings these days.

Me: No.  
She: Do you swim?
Me: Yes.  

And by now, I have reached my office door and started flumbling with the keys.  

She: By the way, I’m Claire.  

And very confidently, she stuck out her hand out to initiate a handshake.  

Me shook her hand and said: I’m Thomas, nice to meet you.

She smiled and walked off to her door.  

I wonder why do some woman like to wear men’s watch and what their character is like.
I think they probably have strong and confident character.


2 responses to “Lady wearing men’s watch

  1. Laurence 26/09/2006 at 11:49 am

    Interesting post!
    Also your enthusiasm for Seiko mechanicals is admirable. I used to own a perpetual calendar for eighteen years before selling it to a collector two and a half years ago.
    As for Claire and her IWC Big Pilot, I would have determined if she knew what she was wearing or if she realized the significance of what she had purchased. That beautiful piece of machinery costs more than a couple of thousand dollars.
    Had she had done some home work before making her purchase, I wonder? I\’d say that the lady has got balls.

  2. Yeoman 26/09/2006 at 1:21 pm

    Thanks Laurence for the comments.
    I will find out more from her the next time I bump into her again. Would like to know if she\’s a WIS too. 

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