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Sunday Morning Ride

Marina South is the place I go for my regular Sunday morning ride although on certain Sundays, I may travel to the east via Nicoll Highway. I was there last Sunday and as usual, I have my trusty Citizen 200m diver with me for some sporting action.
The picture was taken as soon as I reached there. As you can see, it was 8:25am and I have cycled some 8.71 km to get there.

On any given Sunday, you will find people, both young and old cycling, jogging, walking and roller skating on the road or pavement. My purpose here was to cycle round and round on this piece of reclaimed land until I hit my set mileage. As you can see, the road is long with no vehicles. I can even cycle on the center of the road.

When I am tired, I will make a turn into the ajoining park for a rest. Here, you will see people walking the dogs, fishing by the sea and even practising their Tai Chi sword. I managed to get a shot of this group of Tai Chi masters. Their movement is really uniform. The guy standing right in front is their sifu or teacher. Of course, he won’t let you see his face. If you see his face, you must die! LOL! just kidding you.

And here below… bridge over still water.

Last but not least, here’s my steed:


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