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Hazy days

We have been hit by haze coming from Indonesia’s forest fire in the last few weeks. Lately, the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) even went into the unhealthy zone of above 100 points. The haze has kept many from carrying out their outdoor activities including myself.

Imagine if the haze were to disappear tomorrow, what will you be doing?
For me, I will go for a evening run to get some fresh air and go cycling again on Sunday mornings.
Imagine how many miles I could cycle and how many kilometres I could run with all the fresh air.
And of course I will put on my classic Seiko Marinemaster and classic Nike shoes and visit lots of places…. shopping, dining or just enjoying a cup of coffee at coffee house. 
With a Seiko watch, it’s not that hard to imagine. (haha, sounds like one of those Samsung ads)

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