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Whoops, I have not posted in two weeks. Guess what happened.

WelI, I went to the hospital for a surgery and it was my first time ever. Ouch!!
Anyway, don’t worry, I am not suffering from any kind of illness or symptoms. It was a minor surgery and I went home on the same day with MC for 14 days.

As watch lovers, we choose which watch to wear for every occasion, don’t we? Most of the time, it depends on the degree of risk the watch would be exposed to. Questions like these come to mind: Would it be damaged. Would it be stolen.

So, if you were me, which watch would you choose? I chose the Seiko Brightz SAGN001. Can’t go with a too expensive one as it had to be locked in the locker together with my wallet, cell phone, clothes and shoes during the surgery.


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