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1970s Style SARB003

Some songs you like them the first time you hear them. Others you have to listen a few more times before they speak to you. Same goes for watches and the Seiko Spirit SARB003 is one such watch to me.

When I first saw the stock photo above, I wasn’t convinced. The only thing that I like about it is the thick lugs that resemble those of the 5722 GS. The faceted sapphire crystal didn’t do anything for me and neither did the 70s style ‘VANAC’ dial. I didn’t make up my mind to purchase it because I suspect the crystal and dial would bug me to no end. It didn’t have a place in my heart but did stayed somewhere in the back of my mind.

I know there are many discussions and comments on different watches on the Internet watch forums but there aren’t many on this one. I only managed to find two and here’s one by John Lind:

Visually in direct sun or bright light, the facets tend to disappear — they’re not prominent. It does cast an interesting lighter square onto the dial just inside the indices and framing the dial logo and other writing.

Another guy, llee from a Chinese language forum, Watchbus said something similar:


Translated as:
The cut lines (on the crystal) cast different patterns of reflection on the dial depending on which angle you look at it.

After studying it carefully, I think I am starting to like it. It would be fun and fascinating to look at the reflection with my own eyes and now that I appreciate what the combination of the faceted crystal and ‘Vanac’ dial achieves, they are no longer a bug but a feature. I think they will give you more reasons to look at your watch. The faceted crystal creates the rectangular reflection and the ‘Vanac’ dial gives it different shades of grey. Of course, shades of blue and orange for the other color variations.

So this one goes into my wish list and I probably have to let go a few 7SXX watches to fund the purchase. You know it’s not going for a song, it’s close to 400 bucks. 

The thick lugs give the watch a nice back view

Picture source:


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