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When your email address is posted on the Internet, you will receive all kinds of suspicious emails from time to time. Here, I am posting one that I received today. Actually, I received a similar one a few days ago but I ignored it. This one is a reminder.
It looks like an email from Paypal asking me to participate in an online survey. It is hard to tell whether this is a fraudulent email or not. According to Paypal’s website, fraudulent emails usually come with generic greetings and tend to create a false sense of urgency. This email addresses me by my name and does not have a false sense of urgency in it. Maybe they have gotten better but the link still look deceptive to me.
I will only login to my Paypal account using in a new browser. Logging in through any deceptive link will result in my account being hacked.
Every now and then, fraudulent ‘offers’, ‘surveys’, ‘prizes’ or whatsoever will come knocking at my door, on the phone or via email. When in doubt, slam the door to his face, hang up the phone and delete the email. Just don’t do it. LOL….


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