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Alpinist and SCVS001 thickness comparison

From the statistics, I can see some hits coming from the following SCWF discussion thread last week: 
Perhaps someone is searching the SCWF to find out how tall does the Alpinist sits on the wrist compared to the SCVS001/003.
The quote below contains the information I offered in the discussion thread above. On top of that, I would like to add that the SARB017 came with leather strap. When the strap is new, it is stiff and tends to make the watch sit higher. This comes from my experience after wearing the watch for more than a month. 
Yeoman wrote:

In the pic below, the watch on top is the Alpinist and below it is the SCVS001. Both belong to the Spirit line.

Base on their measurements, I find that the Alpinist is slightly thicker. The difference is less probably than 0.5mm and hence negligible.

However, the shape of the Alpinist’s bezel actually makes it look taller. As you can see in the picture, the SCVS001 has a ‘thinner’ bezel while the Alpinist has a thicker one. You will also notice that the crystal sits higher on the Alpinist than on the SCVS001.

Although both are 38mm, the Alpinist is actually bigger than the SCVS001 due to its crown guard. The picture also shows that the Alpinist has a longer lug to lug distance than the SCVS001.


Click on the thumb for a larger image


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