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My New Fashion Bracelet

Here’s an update for those interested in stainless steel jewelry.
Last Sunday, I bought myself a stainless steel fashion bracelet. I can’t believe it, I am getting more interested in these fine stainless steel jewelry, more than I ever thought i might. I started and stayed with just rings alone for a long time but recently, I bought pendants and now bracelets. Fortunately, they are cheaper than watches.   
Two things I want to say about stainless steel jewelry. First, they are cool but they are not for everybody. Besides big hands for the rings and toned and firm arms for the bracelets, you need to have the kind of look for them to look good on you. Unlike watches, stainless steel jewelry does not tell time. They are just a fashion item. Some people don’t even wear a watch let alone a fashion bracelet that does not tell time. And unlike yellow gold, stainless steel jewelry is not a symbol of status. No matter how big the stainless steel ring is or how massive the bracelet looks, they do not represent anything other than a sense of fashion and trendiness. Therefore, you must fashion interested to want to wear them.  
The second thing is, stainless steel jewelry will not make you look girly. They can bring out the man in you and your personality if you wear them right.
Here’s the bracelet that I bought. Manufacturer’s brand name is FIBO Steel.


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