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原來,有人把我翻譯的Landmaster文章的位址(hyperlink) 貼在上面這個討論區,引起了不少錶迷的注意。

This morning, I reached the office early as usual to browse the major watch forums as well as to check through my blog. This is what I have been doing on a daily basis.
When checking the daily hit rate of my blog, I was surprised to find that there were already 109 hits in the early morning whch is a lot more than the usual 40 to 60 hits. It looks like the total number of hits for day will reach above 300.
Upon inspecting the list of hits, I found that quite a number of them came from this link:
I realized that someone has posted the link to the Landmaster article that I translated on the above forum thereby generating some views from the guys over there.
This is the first time I translated someone’s article and post it on my blog. Reproducing the original text on my blog isn’t very meaningful to me but translating it to English is because it allows people who do not read Chinese to able to read the article thus adding value to it. 
Before I forget, the author of the Landmaster article, Calatravayang has a personal space under the following bulletin board:
Board name: Timechat
Please feel free to visit.
Calatravayang and I share the same surname,
there’s every reason to put this surname seal here.




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