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Orient WZ0031EJ vs Seiko Alpinist SARB017

The is a thread on about Orient WZ0031EJ vs SARB017 and which one to choose. Why these two? Well, it’s because the poster is thinking of purchasing either one of them and not because the Seiko has a 2nd crown at 4 and the Orient has a pusher at 2.

The poster eventually chose the SARB017 which I think is the right choice. The Orient in question is the one that hacks and hand winds. It seems to be getting popular but when pit against the Alpinist, the choice is quite obvious. It has to be the Alpinist. I believe both watches have movement of similar grade but the Alpinist won because of its history. Below is my reply to the post.

Congrats! I think you’ve made the right choice.   

The Alpinist is a collectible Seiko watch and collectors have to wait a few years for a new model. If history is any indication, this one will become rare and highly sought after in the years to come, just like its predecessors. I don’t buy watches for investment but I believe this will be the first 6R15 out of very few in the entire 6R15 production lifespan that would appreciate in value or at least hold its value.

The Orient on the other hand is probably the first one that came with stop second and hand winding feature and I would expect many more of these to come in the near future.

Glad you didn’t miss the boat.

Put into another way, the Alpinist is an important watch in the history of Seiko and the SARB017 is destined to go down in Seiko’s history. It is a more significant watch than the Orient WZ0031EJ.

If it was the Orient vs the SCVS001, 003 or 013, it might be a tougher decision but I ‘d still go for the Seiko. Orient lacks the long and rich history that Seiko has. 



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