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Off Topic Post: Shaken by Earthquake Tremors

An earthquake measuring 6.6 on the Richter Scale struck Padang, Indonesia this morning at about 11.50am. The effect of the tremors could be felt here in Singapore and I had to evacuate from my office due to tremors that lasted for several seconds.

I was fetching a drink at the pantry and the tremor hit us just when I returned to my desk and sat down on my chair. For a moment, I thought the chair was shaky but in a second, I realized it wasn’t the chair and I felt giddy. We must have been rocked by some high magnitude tremors. If there were lamps hanging from the ceiling, I bet they would be swinging like pendulums. Just then, my colleagues complained of giddiness and we knew we were hit by earthquake tremors. We went out to the corridor where we could hear footsteps coming from the fire escape. People from the upper floors were already scrambling down the stairs. They must have been shaken off their chairs.  Needless to say, we took our bags ran for dear life.  

We returned to the office after lunch when things have more or less settled down.  

My office building

This is the first time I experienced tremors from an earthquake.

Went through the ordeal wearing this:

Click on the thumb to see a larger image.


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