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Ok, the 6R15 Seiko diver that I have ordered has been nicknamed "Sumo". I know Yokozuna. I also know these two below and have been beaten by them many times before. LOL.
Below is Mr. E.Honda from Street Fighter and below him, Takarashi-san from Virtua Fighter III. Some people call him the brother of Takashimaya.  A few years back, I play arcade games especially Virtua Fighter. When people can’t beat me with Akira, Kage or Jacky, they will use Takarashi-san to do it. It works all the time. Sumo are slow but they can do a lot of damage with their combos.
These are the trivial things that I can tell you about the sumo’s in the arcade. 
What does the 6R15 got to do with sumo’s?




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