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Off topic – Levi’s, my favorite jeans maker

In the mall, the spot that Oris had their roadshow last week is now taken over by Isetan. They are having a big Levi’s and Dockers sale, the biggest I’ve seen so far. As you can see, they are selling their merchandise for up to 50% discount. However, the jeans there are either older models or those that did not pass the QC check. My colleague bought one and there was a label saying the jeans did not meet the factory’s specifications or something to that effect.

In case you are not aware, I am a big fan of levi’s. For denim jeans, I wear only Levi’s.   In fact, I am a member of Levi’s club and in the month of May which is my birthday month, I will get to purchase one for 25% discount at the Levi’s store. I am going to try out all their new arrivals.  

By the way, Levi’s also has watches under their brand name but they are not my cup of tea. 


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