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More on the Orient Star GMT

Here’s a brief impression of the watch written by Suball, the first person who posted about them on Discuss Hong Kong. He visited Japan recently and actually tried them on.

Here’s what Suball said in Cantonese:
試過上手,個殼好靚,七十年代 feel。39mm 面 恰到好處,唔似一般東方錶經常D款太大直徑。
弧形錶面風防,個底都幾特別,個透明錶底玻璃圈多了個好似防水膠圈 (見上面 D post 就見到), 唔知有什麼用途,可能令戴起隻錶舒服D,唔洗比D玻璃吸住。 另一可惜係佢沒有東方錶的優良傳統….. "power reserve indicator"

可惜,我今次個 trip 買錶 己 over budget,否則我都會考慮。

Loosely translated as:
Tried it on before. The case is beautiful, it has a 70’s feel to it. The 39mm diameter is just right, unlike some Orient watches that are often too large.
It has curved crystal and the caseback is pretty unique. There is a rubber band similar to a water resistance seal around the see-through glass on the caseback (as seen in the post above /Yeoman: please refer to the pic below instead). Not sure what purpose it serves, could be for comfort as it can help to prevent the glass from sticking to the wrist. It’s a pity it doesn’t come with the power reserve indicator, a good tradition of Orient watches.   
Unfortunately, I have exceeded my watch budget on this trip, otherwise I would consider buying it.

Rubber band on the caseback.

Here’s a pic by Suball:


3 responses to “More on the Orient Star GMT

  1. Teck Hooi 01/04/2007 at 11:21 pm

    I have eyes for this watch too. I wonder if the 24-hour hand can be move independently?

  2. Yeoman 02/04/2007 at 9:17 am

    From what I\’ve heard, the GMT hand cannot be set independently and you can\’t rotate the inner GMT bezel. That means it may not be a true GMT watch.

  3. Teck Hooi 02/04/2007 at 11:56 pm

    Too bad otherwise it would be high on my watch-to-buy list. Guezz I have to get the GMT GS with leather strap. 🙂

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