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The Last Samurai

As expected, the SBDA001 aka ‘Samurai’ that I ordered from SeiyaJapan arrived safely at my office this morning. 
While opening up the parcel, I realized that the thing with purchasing a watch that you had previously purchased before is that you don’t get the same level of excitement as the first time, knowing fully what you will find in the box. 
Anyway, removed the bracelet, put the watch on a Zulu strap and it’s now on my wrist. 
I ordered and made payment on Wednesday 4:20pm Singapore time (5:20pm Japan time) and watch was shipped on the same day at 7:42pm Japan time (6:42pm Singapore time) according to the EMS tracking record. That was less than 2.5 hours after I made payment. Seiya-san is supported by a watch shop in Tokyo. Their shipping is lightling fast I suspect the post office is just next to their shop.
This will be my second and last Samurai. Pictures to come later.


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