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Seiko Samurai SBDA001

It’s still honeymoon period for the SBDC001 but I decided to double the enjoyment by ordering the Samurai SBDA001.
I now have the two most recent Seiko automatic divers that were released for the Japanese market. The SBDC001 was release this month while the SBDA001 was release in 2004. Both that are beautiful divers worth collecting.
The Samurai is divided into two clans namely the Ti clan sold in the Japanese market and the SS clan sold in other parts of Asia including Singapore. I prefer the Ti version because it has got fatter and nicer hands and comes with a pair of crown guards. The orange one is very tempting but I chose the black one as it matches well with the dull Ti color.
I wonder if I can safely say that the SBDA001 is the only Japan-only model that uses the 7S movement. I can’t think of another one off hand except for the Seiko ANA pilot watch. There may be others but the SBDA001 is probably the only one that is still in production today.
Here are two pictures that I took on Sunday. I am very lazy at taking pictures these days. I stop once I get one or two reasonable ones.  

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