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Conversation with man in watch shop

Last Friday, I stepped into a watch shop here in the mall during my lunch hour. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, just browsing around to burn some calories.  
Since it was Friday, I was in my smart casual attire and had the SBDC001 (Sumo) on my wrist. The man in the shop, probably in his late 40’s and probably one of the owners, noticed it and and asked if he could have a look at it. That instance, I knew he knows about Japanese market Seiko’s. I could recognize the expression on his face when he saw my watch. If I see someone wearing a Japanese market Seiko, I’d probably have the same expression. So will you, no?  
My office is in the adjoining office tower of the mall and we roughly know each other. So, I removed the watch from my wrist and handed it to him. He looked at it for a while before using a loupe to examine the caseback. "It’s quite a new watch" he said and the expression on his face changed to look "impressed". I realized he used the loupe to read the serial number as he didn’t mention about the movement number. 
"Where did you buy this watch" came his first question.
"I bought it from a Japanese seller and have it mailed to me". I replied.
"I am going to Japan next week and one of my regular customers asked me to look for Seiko watches". he said.
"If you visit the shops there, you will realize that there are so many Seiko watches that are not available in Singapore. This one for example uses the 6R15 movement that we don’t have in our local market. All the Seiko automatic watches here uses the 7S movement." I told him, pointing to the monsters and SKX divers in his display shelf.
"What’s the difference? Is it much better?" he asked.
"There are other Seiko movements that are much better than the 7S but this one is just a step above the 7S. The difference is that it can hack and handwind." I said and went on to unscrew the crown to let him try out the features.
"Very interesting." he said. "one of my customer was really nice to me. He gave me an article that outlines the history of Seiko. It started way back from the Samurai-ruled era. Very detail and you should go the the Internet and have a look at it".
"I have read the article before." I told him. 


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