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Strap for the Landmaster Auto

When it comes to watch straps, I prefer leather, nylon or rubber rather than metal bracelet. Most watches come with metal bracelet that I don’t use. In fact, I have a number of unsized and unused bracelets that came with the watches I bought.  Among them are the Sumo bracelet, Samurai bracelet and even a GS bracelet.    Shhh… I’m not selling them. Not even a link.

For the watches that came with bracelets, I would need to get suitable leather, nylon or rubber straps for them. I have no trouble with most of them except for the Landmaster below.  

Click on the thumb to see a larger image

For this watch, I would prefer the strap to be able to take the fat spring bars that came with the watch and be thick enough to match the thickness of the watch. Most leather straps out there do not take fat spring bars and so I ended up using the MM rubber strap.

If you know of any suitable strap for this watch, please let me know.



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