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Fake Seiko

Saw this picture posted on PMWF. The unlucky bloke who posted it bought an original SKX007 on the bay but received this fake watch.

Talking about fake watches, it is illegal to sell fake watches in Singapore even if seller make it known to the buyer that the watches are fake. Despite the law, there are still people who sell them. For example, there’s a stall at the China Square weekend flea market that sells fake watches. I saw a fake 007 similar to the one below the last time I was there. They also have fake Omega, IWC, Panerai, etc etc.


2 responses to “Fake Seiko

  1. John 31/05/2007 at 7:26 am

    I\’m just curious… how do you know from this picture that this watch is fake? Is there a market for fake Seiko\’s?Again, just curious

  2. Yeoman 31/05/2007 at 10:17 am

    Hi John, Here are my observations:1.   For the "Made in Japan"
    model (see small print on the left of the 6 O\’clock marker), it should
    have "21 Jewels" printed under the "DIVER\’S 200m" words.   2.   There should be a small space between the "DIVER\’S" and the "200m" wordings.3.
      I have never seen this model come with a round "Seiko 5" sticker
    pasted on the crystal. Also, this model should not have the "Seiko 5"
    logo cut onto the crystal.right above the 6 O\’clock marker I
    don\’t think anyone would want to buy a fake Seiko as long as the real
    ones are affordably priced. They probably sell to buyers who are not
    aware they are fake.Best regards,Thomas

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