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New Seiko Criteria Automatic

Yesterday evening while window shopping in the mall with a friend, I spotted this limited edition Seiko sitting in a display shelf. Initially, I thought it’s a Seiko 5 Sports with 100m WR and has black color casing. On taking closer look, I realized it’s a Seiko Criteria Automatic.  
Here’s a picture of the watch that I took with my mobile phone. Next to it is a photo of Daniel Wu, the Seiko ambassador. This watch reminds me of the limited edition Abla Stingray with black casing except it is smaller. By looking at it, I can tell the watch has the same kind of feel as the black Abla. Afterall, they came from the same factory.

Below is the closest I can get with my mobile phone. As you can see, it comes with a certificate that says "This exclusive timepiece is numbered 0736 in a limited edition of 2000 exclusively for Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore." These three countries belong to Thong Sia’s sales territory. Looks like this L.E. watch was made specially for Thong Sia. Look at the price tag. At $515.00 Singapore dollars for a L.E. 7S26, it’s definitely not cheap.

Besides the limited edition model, there’s a range of regular editions as well. You can view them here.



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