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Vintage Ricoh Watch

Ok, here are some pictures of the Ricoh watch that I borrowed to play with.

I managed to capture the faceted crystal this time. The cuttings appear to be on the underside of the acrylic crystal as I can’t feel the cut lines on its surface. As you can see, it is a nine faceted crystal which means you can play tic-tac-toe on it.

The Day and Date windows are separated and except for Sunday, each day has got a number next to it. ‘1’ for Monday, ‘2’ for Tuesday and so on. There is no quick set for the day but date can be set by pressing the pusher at 2 O’Clock. 

Unlike Seiko and Citizen, you can’t find any fine printings on the left and right of the 6 O’clock marker.

Full Size Image

Here’s a picture of the movement. It is a very simple mass market movement with minimum finishing. There is no movement number on the rotor. It doesn’t hack but can be hand wound though.

Full Size Image

Here’s the caseback. The protective coating is still on it and has turned purple.
Can’t seem to find the movement number and case number on it.
With all these missing numbers on the dial, movement and caseback, I wonder how does Ricoh identify their watches.

Full Size Image


2 responses to “Vintage Ricoh Watch

  1. Mel 26/04/2011 at 2:28 pm

    Hi Yeoman, I just bought this watch, is this a real Ricoh watch?

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