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My new watch box

Made a trip to JW Horological Gallery yesterday evening to pick up a watch box.

I decided to pick up a travel watch box like this because my watches are on leather strap and this type of watch box is best for storing them. It takes up less space and is easier to carry around. It is thicker than a laptop but slim enough to fit into the laptop compartment of a laptop case. 
This one I bought can store 8 watches and is priced at $46 (Singapore dollars). They also have a 4-pc model at $33 and a 10-pc model at $59 (sold out). They are made by Philippe Chiparus but don’t expect high quality leather at this price.
I am very tempted to get the 4-pc model as well. I can put 4 watches on rotation in it and since it is smaller than the 8-pc model, I can bring it along to work. That way, I can change watch during the day.   



2 responses to “My new watch box

  1. Unknown 15/08/2007 at 12:09 pm

    Hi Thomas,I have a two-watch case called “Geneve Yacht Club.” I picked it up for around 1,000 JPY at Big Camera in Fukuoka, Japan. As you write, for this low price, don’t expect the finest leather. But, actually, it’s really nice and I like it very much. Took along two watches on a recent four-day trip out of town – worked great! You can see it here:,Bryan

  2. Yeoman 17/08/2007 at 12:24 pm

    Hi Bryan,
    The 1,000 JPY watch box is a good catch.
    1,000 JPY is about $13-14 Singapore dollars. Don\’t think I can get one in Singapore at this price.
    These two-watch and four-watch cases are so portable that I don\’t mind carrying one with me everyday. Btw, I bring two watches to work everyday. One on the wrist and one in the bag. 🙂

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