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Orange Samurai reporting to the club

Another orange diver joins the diver’s club consisting of:

President: Marinemaster SBDX001
Vice President: Auto Zilla NH6930
Secratary: 4S15 Ti diver SCVF001
Treasurer: Black 6R15 Scuba SBDC001
Trainer: Orange 6R15 Scuba SBDC005
Ordinary members: Black Samurai SBDA001, SKX011J, SKXA55K, Alba Stingray AL4005X and Citizen NY0054
The orange Samurai arrived from Japan yesterday evening and was checked into Hotel EMS five minutes after midnight. He spent a night in the hotel and this morning, after breakfast, the bus driver of Hotel EMS fetched him to the club in a mini bus. He reached the club at 11:32pm and was received by the recept at the club. He was supposed to report to me but unfortunately, I was out of the office the whole morning. When I returned at 3pm, the Samurai was waiting for me in my office.
Induction program shall begin with a photo shoot followed by an official introduction to readers of Yeoman’s Weblog.
The orange diver brings with him 200 metres of diving ability. 
Welcome aboard, SBDA005. 



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