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Seiko 5 – SNKF47K

Here’s the SNKF47K that I picked up the other day. It has a silver sunburst dial with sword hands and big rectangular markers. The classic Seiko dial that I like.

Do you know that a simple Seiko 5 can also be quite enjoyable to look at? Below is a dial shot that I created to help me to get a closer look at the dial. When viewing the picture, look out for the following:

  1. Sunburst effect on the dial
  2. The texture on the ‘5’ logo
  3. The different shades the light created on each of the markers. (from the lightest at 9 O’clock to the darkest at 2 and 4 O’clock)

Of course, the Seiko 5 dial is nowhere near the GS finishing but it is still quite enjoyable to look at.

~~~ Please click on any thumb to see a larger image ~~~

Here’s another shot:

By the way, list price in Singapore is $170.20 Singapore dollars inclusive of 7% GST.

Click on the thumbnail below to read my comments on the SNKF51K.


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