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Premier & Mechanical Line 6R15’s

Below are six different 6R15 watches that we can expect in the near future. On the left are the Premier models and on the right are the mechanical line models with the same dial color (not sure about the last pair). The mechanical line models are ‘Japan only’ and will be out in October. The Premier models are international models with unknown release date at this point of time.

I will probably go for one of the Premier models although I expect them to cost more than their mechanical line counterparts. I already have the SCVS001, SCVS013 and SARB017 from the mechanical line and so I think it’s time to add a Premier to the collection. Also, I could sell the SCVS001 and SCVS013 and put the money towards a new Premier and a new mechanical line model.

Just some strategizing. Let’s see how it goes. 

SPB007 and SARB023

SPB009 and SARB021

SPB011 and SARB025


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