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Besides the 6R’s in the Mechanical line, these two GS GMT’s will also be released in October.

From left: SBGM007 and SBGM009

The SBGM007 looks like the SBGM003 (pic below) but on a bracelet instead of crocodile strap and folding buckle. They have made a new bracelet instead of using the one that came with the SBGW005 (pic below). I remember it was said that the SBGW005 bracelet would fit the SBGM003.  
The black dialed SBGM009 is nice but not so suitable for the classic case design in my opinion.

From left: SBGM003 and SBGW005

By the way, the SBGM003 and SBGW005 sell for SGD7900 and SGD8000 (inclusive of 7% tax) respectively in Singapore. Stripping away the 7% tax and taking SGD7950 as the average price, the list price without tax in Singapore is roughly SGD7430 or 584,367 Yen using this currency converter. Compared to list price of 430,000 Yen in Japan, the list price in here is higher by 35.90%. I wonder how are the GS’s sellling in Singapore with this kind of pricing policy and not to mention their almost non-existent discount policy.

I believe any potential GS buyer in Singapore is likely to have heard of GS on the Internet and be convinced of its quality by the articles and pictures posted on the Net. These people are not ignorant. On the contrary, they are Internet savvy and definitely not skeptical about buying online. 


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