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My New Seiko 5 Diver – SKZ249K

Few weeks ago, I made a post about the Seiko Map Meter. This watch is quite unique because it uses a one-piece plastic component as its crown guard. I also mentioned that it is a "land watch"

Click on the thumb to view the Map Meter post

This week, Seiko released a new Seiko 5 diver that also has a piece of plastic component on it except this time it serves crown guard and shroud.

When I saw the pictures on the Internet, I knew I had to get the orange version to term up with the orange Map Meter. It is interesting to own a pair of Seiko 5 land and sea watches instead of owning just divers alone.
Besides the plastic component, both watches share some common design elements such as the shape of the lugs, knurled bezel and layered dial. Both come under the Seiko 5 Sports series.

Click on the thumb to see a larger image.

This watch is as big as the Map Meter if not bigger. It measures 47.5mm across (3 – 9 o’clock) , excluding crown. The dial and bezel reminds me of the Seiko Monster. Personally, I would prefer it to have the classic 007 type of bezel and dial.

Below are two pictures of the side view. As you can see, the one-piece shroud and crown guard is secured by screws on both sides. The crown is big and has the ‘5’ logo on it.

Here’s how the caseback looks like.

Except for the plastic areas and the tsunami logo, the steel portion of the caseback has got very fine brushed finishing on it.

Click on any thumbnail to see a larger image.


I also notice that the watch comes with a new type of rubber strap. It is marked with "Seiko B22" on the underside and the buckle is ‘Seiko’ signed although not very visible. Strap comes with a stainless steel keeper. 

Here are some comparison shots with the standard Z-22 strap.

B22 buckle looks beefier than that of the Z22.

Unlike the Z22, the B22 strap is 22mm throughout.

Both straps have similar thickness. Top: B22. Bottom: Z22

Overall, the B22 is not as stiff as the Z22.

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