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Mido in Singapore

Mido watches were once distributed by Thong Sia Group and many Seiko dealers in the region were familar with the brand. I believe both Seiko and Mido shared largely the same retail network at that time. 
Today, NOS (new old stock) Mido watches can still be found occasionally on the Net as well as in retail shops in this part of the world. Those who have been surfing internet sales sites have probably came across them before.
I am lucky to be able to get Leslie Chang (Leslie Chang Pte Ltd), the official importer of Mido watches in Singapore to provide an update of Mido watches.  



The brand was positioned as an affordable luxury watch right from early days.  For the more mature folks in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, Mido was the preferred choice when a Titoni was considered too generic, Oris was then making cheap watches while the Tag brand was little known.  In Thailand, Mido was the ‘official’ watch for those working in high government offices as Rolex or Omega were considered too ostentatious. By default, the brand enjoyed the ‘high-end but unpretentious’ status.  Thus, it’s small wonder that Thailand is constantly in the top 3 market for Mido till this very day. 

Swatch Group

The domineering era of Japanese quartz watches resulted in many Swiss brands to either close shop or undergo restructuring.  In the case of Mido, it was acquired by the Swatch Group during the mid 90’s.  Shortly, for reasons unknown, Thong Sia Group relinquished their distributorship for Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.  It was estimated that the inventory carried by Thong Sia at that time far exceeded 30,000 pieces. Many bargain hunters had the opportunity to buy the signature model (Ref: LC8269) at clearing prices during the late 90’s through early 2000’s. 

Leslie Chang Pte Ltd

Seo Choon Watch was appointed the official importer of Mido watches in Singapore in May 2001.  Both the company and the brand were no stranger to the local watch community.  However, the re-entry into the market was initially difficult due to the comparatively high prices of the new Mido collection amid the abundance availability of the signature model dumped by the previous distributor.  Fortunately, long term strategy, faith and perseverance prevail. Seo Choon Watch now enjoys a steady 20% annual growth rate with the brand.  Recently, the company was renamed Leslie Chang Pte Ltd. 


Mido strives "to produce watches with the characteristics of a good friend. You feel good when you see it; it is very reliable and always there when you need it; it has a character of its own and you will pass your life together". 


Mido’s philosophy is to combine timeless design with functionality rather than following fashion trends. True design outlives all fashion trends. The objective is to create timepieces made of high quality materials, endowed with precise movements and offering outstanding water-resistance in order to last a long time. This philosophy remains unchanged since 1918. 


Mido is proud to join the Top 10* Chronometer producers of the world.

The table shows that Mido is the only affordable luxury brand among the industry’s big names.

This achievement further reiterates Mido’s exceptionally characteristics and timeless image.

COSC figures 2006 :-    

1.          Rolex               710,752                      

2.         Omega              257,187                      

3.         Breitling           182,223                      

4.         Panerai             46,454                      

5.         Chopard             22,880                      

6.         Ulysse Nardin     10,111            

7.         Corum                 8,189

8.         Tag Heuer            7,450

9.         Chanel                 6,980           

10.        Mido                   5,722

*Source: The COSC (Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres – Official Swiss Chronometer Control) yearly report published in 2006

Written by:
Leslie Chang
Leslie Chang Pte Ltd
Big Time @ Tekka

 Pictures from the Internet

Mido Commander LC8269 (37mm)

Current model – 39mm M8425


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