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The new 6R15 – some prepurchase thoughts

If I am not wrong, some Japanese sites are saying these new 6R15’s will be out in 15th Dec 2007. As the release date draws nearer, google search produces more results. More and more Japanese sites have got them listed.
I like the classic design of this watch but the 36mm diameter is something that I am concerned with. Why not make it 1 or 2 mm bigger? I do not know the lug width yet but I am hoping for 20mm. Well, at least it has a big crown and hopefully that curved crystal will make it look big on the wrist. I am thinking of getting either the SARB027 or SARB031.

SARB027 and SARB031

Meanwhile, I am wearing the SCVS013. Trying to imagine the size of the new 6R15 by comparing the above pictures to the actual SCVS013.

The SCVS013 is a beautiful watch and so is the SARB031 and SARB027.

By the way, the SARB003 is back on my list. This is one that I didn’t get when it was released. I should be getting it next year.


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