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Reflecting on time – Mido All Dial

The Colloseum
The Colosseum is one of the most outstanding buildings in history and has been featured in movies including Gladiator as well as Jumper. Jumper is also the first movie to receive permission to film at the Colosseum. 

Due to its iconic status, it is not surprising that designers of various items draw inspiration from the Colosseum. For watches, the Mido All Dial is a series of watches that are inspired by the Colosseum.

I had the opportunity to handle and wear two models in the All Dial series recently.

Mido All Dial Gents – M8330 (Click on the image to see full size picture)

Shown above is the standard Gents model – M8330. As you can see, the watch is designed in such a way that the dial covers the entire watch surface. It does not have a bezel surrounding the crystal like most watches do. This is why they named it ‘All Dial’.

Click on the image to see full size picture


The dial of the Mido All Dial is designed to look like the interior of the Colosseum. There are three layers altogether. The top layer which is the outermost layer is where the minute indices are located. They are made of triangles placed vertically with the sloping edges pointing downwards and towards the center of the dial.
The next layer contains the hour markers. The hour markers are joined by several concentric circles and together with the sloping triangles, they create a visual effect that makes the dial look deeper than it actually is.     
The minute index and hour marker layers form the ‘spectator stand’ and at the center stage are the gladiator’s swords and spears…err… I mean the hour, minute and second hands.   
If you examine the picture below, you will discover some similarities between the Mido dial and the interior of the Colosseum.

Interior of the Colosseum

How about using the shape of these swords and
spears as the hour, minute and second hands?

Here’s the All Dial GMT – M8350. This watch uses the ETA 2893 movement which is the GMT version of the 2892. The crown at 4 o’clock has several functions. At pushed in position, it can be used to handwind the watch. At second click position, it sets the time. The GMT hand moves as you set the time. However, it can also be set independently and conveniently by turning the crown in clockwise direction at the first click position. To set the date, turn the crown in anti-clockwise direction. Crown at 2 rotates the inner worldtime bezel.

Mido All Dial GMT – M8350 (Click on the image to see full size picture)


The ‘T2’ marking at the 9 o’clock position is used to indicate the home city. When using the GMT feature, set the home city on the worldtime bezel to this position and set the GMT hand accordingly.

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