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Old watch and papers

Here’s a 7625 Sportsmatic that still has its warranty card and sales receipt. Watch was made in 1968 and the papers are dated 1968.


Below is the cash sale receipt that has turned yellowish. The watch was sold on 5th October 1968 for $58.00 (Singapore currency). The dealer, Asia Watch is no longer in business. It closed down in three or four years ago. Last business location was at Parkway Parade Shopping Centre. It carried Seiko watches till the day it ceased operation. I have been to the shop before and remember it also carried Breitling and Tag Heuer watches.

Below is the warranty certificate issued by Thong Sia, the distributor till today. The terms and condition were written in three languages, English, Chinese and Malay to suit our multi-racial society. It is very different from the international warranty card we get today.

And below is a page in the warranty certificate that shows the worldwide service centers at that time. Can you find your country in there?


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