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Seiko Gifts

Here I post all things Seiko and this time, I will show you some pens that have the word ‘Seiko’ printed on them. Seiko is not in the business of selling pens. These are more like corporate gifts.

First, a Mont Blanc style pen (less the bird sh!t on the pen cap ). I believe it was from the mid 90s and was given out with purchase of a certain Kinetic model.

Next is one that was given out to participants at the launching of Grand Seiko in Singapore.

In the late 90s, companies started setting up their corporate websites and corporate gift companies were quick to design pens that display URL address. The pen below is an example of such pens. It has a window that shows ‘Seiko’ and when you turn it, it shows the URL  ‘‘ .

Those who bought the Velatura probably know this one below. It comes with every Velatura watch. (only in Singapore and ‘while stocks last’. Not sure if they give this in other countries).


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