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My next purchase – SARB035

A few days ago, I posted some upcoming 6R15 watches. A day later, I found some better pictures at watch-tanaka’s site and this particular model caught my attention. It is very similar to the SCVS001 that I have in my collection but I like it more because it doesn’t have gold hands and hour markers.
Besides the gold color, here are some differences between the two watches:
  1. From the picture, it looks like the SARB035 has a minute chapter ring round it dial. Chapter ring actually makes the dial look bigger.
  2. On the SARB035, there is a black line along the center of the hour and minute hands, like pencil lead style found in many vintage Seikos.
  3. The SARB035 doesn’t say ‘Diashock’ on the dial which I prefer.

One thing I am not sure of is the color of the dial. I hope it is close to that of the SARB031.

If I get it, the SCVS001 would have to go.



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