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Bespoke Watch: Shimano 35th Anniversary Corporate Gift Watch

I own a mountain bike and Shimano parts are my favorite.

Shimano manufactures its bicycle gears in Singapore for worldwide distribution,
and oversees its other manufacturing plants in Czech Republic, Italy,
Malaysia and China out of Singapore. This year, they celebrate their 35th anniversary in Singapore and to commemorate the event, they engaged Big Time to make a commemorative gift watch to be given out to their employees.

As a manufacturer, Shimano has very strict requirement even for its gift watch. Prior to giving the job to Big Time, they did a test on one of Big Time’s watch dial that was previously made for another organization to ensure it does not contain harmful elements.

The test was done in Shimano’s lab. I don’t know the full detail but from what I heard, it involved putting the dial in distilled water and subsequently the dial was removed and the water is then subjected to high temperature. The residue is then put to some kind of test using a piece of specialized equipment.

Here is the test report:

I don’t understand what’s written in the report but important thing is they are satisfied with it and went ahead with the deal.

Here are the finished products (quartz):

Photos provided by Big Time

Men’s version

ladies’ version



Made to order by:

483 Sims Avenue, Singapore 387555
Tel:  6273 3355
Fax:  6278 8929



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