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Watches featuring Chinese leaders

Those who surf watche sites on the Internet should have seen the famous waving Chairman Mao watch. I believe there are several versions of this watch being made.

I have not seen the Mao watch in person but here’s a Chairman Deng Xiaoping watch that I had the opportunity to handle briefly. It has a similar case design as the Mao watch above except the picture quality is not as good. Picture depicts Chairman Deng holding a cigarette between his fingers and the arm moves just like the Mao watch.


Here’s the inside of the watch. It is a hand-winding watch with a Chinese movement in it.

Watch is sold by by ShangHai Tang which is a Hong Kong based company and the brand is said to be the first luxury Chinese brand by some. The company was founded in 1994 and hence the inscription "1994" on the caseback.

Here’s a picture of Chairman Mao, Chairman Deng and Premier Zhou looking at their watches, probably engaged in a watch conversation. Do you know what watches they wore? 

From left: Deng, Zhou and Mao


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