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WRC 2007 Marcus Gronholm Limited Edition – Automatic Movement

Orient has released a limited edition watch to celebrate the victory of Marcus Gronholm and the BP-Ford World Rally Team having won the 2007 WRC Manufacturers Championship. The watch is limited to 2007 pieces.
More info is available at:
According to the above site, the watch features blue color which is the color of the BP-Ford team and its design was inspired by the car’s side window. Additionally, it is said that the pattern on the urethane band is exactly the same as that of the tire used in the 2007 rally.

Pic from Orient’s website

I went to do some searching and found the picture below that shows the side window of the car. Notice that it has the digit ‘3’ and Gronholm’s name on the side window.
If you look at the watch, you will notice that it has the outline of the side window on it dial although not the same shape. The 3 o’clock hour marker was emphasized because Marcus Gronholm’s car was car number 3 as shown in the picture below. You will also notice that besides the digit ‘3’, the watch also has Gronholm’s name on the dial and they have exactly the same font and color as seen on the car.



For WRC fans in Singapore, this limited edition watch should be available at Big Time, the authorized dealer in early October.


2 responses to “WRC 2007 Marcus Gronholm Limited Edition – Automatic Movement

  1. jeannine 30/08/2011 at 11:54 pm

    I have the watch in its original box/cushion, etc. What is the watch worth. Never worn.

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