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Some pics

Since my cell phone comes with a 3.2 mega pixel built in camera, it is quite convenient for me to take watch pictures whenever I see watches that I am interested in. Some pictures ended up as blog entries here very quickly while others didn’t quite make it and were left on my harddisk drive. Today, I decided to give them a second chance and post them up.

Here we go…

First watch is a Citizen Eco drive. There are several variants of this watch and there seem to be a lot of confusion as to which models come with sapphire crystal and which models do not. I remember one clueless bloke asked me lots of questions about this watch in my guest book recently.

Second watch is a Seiko Type II quartz I saw at K2.
This one is probably fished out of Yahoo Japan and somehow ended up at K2. For more info on the Type II quartz, please check out this post at GMT+9.

Next is a picture of the three Alba Riki Watanabe’s taken at Big Time. If I am not wrong, they brought in another batch recently. You can find them at Takashimaya SC.

Next, a Seiko Auto Calendar that I saw at K2. Watch is not working and I was told the local service centre could not repair it. They probably don’t have the parts because it is a Japan domestic model.

Here’s a mass market Citizen automatic. These automatic watches are often sold like commodities. I have seen dealers buying them at Big Time. It was like commodity trading. The latest I was told about these watches is that production quantity will be reduced and prices are going up.

And here’s the white dialed variant of the black Orient Star that I got recently. I think the black dialed version is more legible.

Last but not least, a Casio Duro with orange hour markers and bezel markings. These are rated 200m but not ISO certified divers. Here’s my previous post on the Casio:!3318BA07329CD633!1929.entry


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