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Citizen Independent and similar style from Orient and Seiko

Here are three watches from Citizen, Orient and Seiko. They have something in common and that is, you can see part of the movement through an opening on the dial.

The Citizen Independent is powered by mechanical movement Cal. 8225. I believe this is a very new model and not much is known about the 8225 movement.

The Orient comes under its ModelD line and uses the 46A40 movement. The ModelD line has been around for a while and Orient has added a couple of new models recently.

The Seiko SARL001 belongs to the Mechanical line and is powered by the 8L38 movement that hacks and handwind.

The Citizen Independent line sells for 34,650 to 39,900 Yen while the Orient ModelD line is in the region of 38,850 to 42,000 Yen. The Seiko goes for 210,000 Yen as it is powered by the superior 8L movement and probably has better finishing.


Citizen ITX21-5123

Orient WD0131DB

Seiko SARL001



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