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Monsterlite – SNZF47J

Bought this Seiko 5 Sports 100m watch recently for my sports activities such as jogging, sprinting and of course, pumping iron. In fact, I wore it to the weight room last Sunday and my friends were going "wow, this is one solid watch".

I used to have a Ti Citizen 200m diver for these activities but sold it a while ago due to its lack of heft. This Seiko is a much needed replacement.

Most of my watches are maintained in good condition. Even the Citizen was in pristine condition when I sold it. This time, I decided to get a watch and use it till it reaches 70% condition or below. This Seiko was chosen because it has a solid stainless steel bezel that will hold up to scratches better than the aluminium ones. 100m water resistant is sufficient for me since I am not a diver. I like to rinse the watch under the tap after use and so far no water has gotten into it.    

Click on the image to see full size picture

Watch measures 44mm across including crown and lug width is 22mm. The bracelet fits directly into the lug without the use of end pieces. The shape of the lug is designed such that there is no gap between the bracelet and the watch as you can see in the picture. Because of this design, I was unable to put the watch on a Z22 strap because there isn’t enough room to accommodate the strap. In fact, the gap between the spring bar and the watch is so thin that it can’t accommodate a Zulu strap. I guess the only strap options available to this watch are the thin NATO and the standard leather straps. I ended up using the metal bracelet.

Purchased at:

483 Sims Avenue, Singapore 387555
Tel:  6273 3355   Fax:  6278 8929


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