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Finally a Tuna Can that I can buy

I have been collecting Seiko watches and so far I haven’t got a Tuna Can. 
I don’t collect vintage watches so the 6159 600m is out of question. There is a reissued version of the 6159 in year 2000 (SBDX005) but unfortunately it is too rare to be found these days. The 300m and 1000m quartz versions are nice but then again, I don’t collect quartz watches. Therefore no Tuna for me till today.
Come April or end of April, Seiko will release a 1000m Tuna Can powered by the 8L35 movement and will come with Sapphire crystal. This time I am not going to miss it. 

Any Seiko with the word "Professional" on its dial don’t come cheap. This 1000m Marinemaster is priced at 300,000 Yen.

Picture from Katsu-san’s blog:

By the way, I have this all black Seiko 5 diver and some call it "Tuna 5".



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