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My friend’s vintage 6159

Once again, I saw my friend Knight Lim at K2. This time, he brought his vintage 6159 for crystal replacement. The job was done on the spot and I had the opportunity to take some pictures.

Here’s the watch.

The bezel was removed first followed by the ring that holds the crystal in place.

Here’s the watch with the bezel and crystal removed.

There are some marks on the dial so we decided to clean it up.
The minute chapter ring was then removed to make it easier to work on the dial.

Dial has been cleaned up.

Minute chapter ring put back.

Next, the new sapphire crystal was installed. The new crystal is curved and comes with anti-reflective coating. I heard he bought it from Jack (IWW) some time back.

Bezel was put back and mission accomplished.


Done by:

K2 Watch Co.


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