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Some happy owners of the Orient Star 300m diver

Five friends came together and ordered the Orient Star 300m from Big Time last week. I was present on the day they collected their watches.

Upon arriving at Big Time, I saw the five Orient divers placed on the showcase, waiting for their owners.
They are the JDM model with the Orient Star "S" logo instead of the traditional logo. I was told these watches were supplied to Big Time directly by Orient.

Each watch comes with a presentation box, a rubber strap, watch tool and papers. In addition, Orient has added a transportation box for transporting the watch in a safe manner. I also notice that the black and yellow versions come with different hang tags.

The buyers arrived and stood behind their respective watch for a group photo. Among them are bicycle shop owner and cyclist, construction company owner, pet shop owner, swimming instructor and a magazine editor. Buyers of the Orient Star 300m diver come from all walks of life.

After the group shot, it was time to size the bracelet. The job was done by Leslie of Big Time.

Can you see the pins and sleeves in the picture below? Sizing five of these bracelets at one go can be a nightmare.   

Here’s the beautiful yellow diver (WZ0271FD). I am also a happy owner of this watch. Bought mine last year. Check out my Orient 200m and 300m divers post.

And here’s a group wrist shot. They are happy campers for now.


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