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Watch pic from another guy

Received a picture and a "service or not" question from another local watch lover yesterday. The situation is, the watch has stopped ticking and the battery is left inside for quite some time. If movement is damaged due to battery leakage, it will be costly to repair it as owner found out from the Citizen agent. Now what?

I see situations like this at the watch shop very often. Some batteries are better and hold out longer before leakage occurs. If leakage is not serious, the watchmaker will scrape the ‘gunk’ off the contact points
and put in a new battery to see if it works. If you are lucky, it will work.

Here’s the watch in question. It is this 15 year old Citizen Minute Repeater which reminds me of the current Eco-drive and Campanola Minute Repeaters.

Photo by Julian

Some quick features that I can make out from the dial:

– second hand subdial at 3
– 24 hour hand at 4:30 (2nd time zone)
– Subdial at 7 contains month and years to leap year settings (perpetual calendar)
– Date indicator hand at the center of the watch, pointing to the date ring that surrounds the dial
– Day and alarm setting subdial at 10:52 and looks like there are at least 2 alarms.


2 responses to “Watch pic from another guy

  1. Elisa 26/12/2012 at 3:41 pm

    Hi, I have one watch like the one in this post. But I don’t have instructions. Do you know if and where I can found them? Thank you.

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