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Seiko 5 Military – the TiCN coated variant SNZG17J

I have made several posts on these Seiko 5 military and have purchased the matte finished black and green dialed variants. Here’s a picture of the Seiko 5 Military series.

Nowadays, most Seiko 5’s come with a black TiCN coated variant and I had the opportunity to handle the Seiko 5 military with such coating recently. The model number of the watch is SNZG17J.

Besides the black coating on the case, crown and bracelet, the watch is pretty much the same as the standard matte finished variants. Below is a picture I took of the watch.

After the photo shoot, I switched off the lamp and right there, I discovered something different —
the Lume!!

Click on the image to see full size picture

Here is the lume shot of the matte finished SNZG15J that I have. The Arabic hour markers are not lumed.

SNZG15 lume shot

Here’s a lume shot of the SNZG09J in a different lighting condition. Again, the Arabic numerals are not lumed.

SNZG09 lume shot

Now, here is the lume shot of the black Seiko 5 military, SNZG17J. Notice that the Arabic hour markers are lumed. That is the difference.

SNZG17 lume shot


SNZG17J featured in this post is provided by:

483 Sims Avenue, Singapore 387555
Tel:  6273 3355   Fax:  6278 8929


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